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Tom Gosche is a Business Strategist. His versatile BRAND System™ is a system of creating and implementing an effective personal brand, develop business building strategies and business transition success. When you see Tom in action, you learn quickly that he possesses the knowledge, skill and expertise while being caring and humorous.

In 2002, Tom created The B.R.A.N.D. SystemTM teaching business professionals to “B.R.A.N.D. themselves before others brand them.”

In 2007 he became a Contributing author of Masters of Sales, New York Times Best-selling book.

Your Speeches:

  • Build Your Sales Force… with Constant Connections
From the bestselling book Masters of Sales, which I am a contributing author, I share this new focus on creating dozens of sales volunteers for your company. They carrying your business cards and recommend your services or products. This Sales Force involves building a manageable number of strategic, long-term relationships with key people, each of whom agrees to find you referred clients. Methodical use of this process multiplies our results far beyond the most energetic traditional methods of getting new customers.
  • Turn Your Passion into Profit
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” People start in business doing what they love and end up dreading what they do. The Reason? They are not following a plan. With this presentation, you will pick up strategies that will help you grow your business from the inside out. There are ideas for creating and implementing effective business building strategies.
  • The Money Tree
Money DOES grow on trees! Think of your business as a beautiful green tree. The leaves represent the money your clients give you for your product or service. The branches represent the action strategies you use to acquire those clients. The big trunk is your business plan. This presentation will get you started on your Business Development Plan.
  • Listen! Your Financial Statements Are Talking to You…

    Your Business’ Financial statements tell you more than just profit, loss and expenses. A monthly review of businesses financials can help you see what is happening in your business. You will learn:

    • How to classify expenses.
    • How to classify revenue.
    • 5 things to look out for on a monthly basis.



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