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A former IRS agent now an agent of joy, Kelly Epperson helps people fulfill their dream of becoming an author. Kelly has written 25 books, some for NY Times best selling authors, one that sold 3 million copies. A weekly newspaper columnist since 2001, Kelly also serves as a judge for the Erma Bombeck essay contest.

Effective communication – be it on the page, on the stage, or in any of our interactions – is simply about connection. Kelly demystifies the writing process and shows you exactly how to connect, be it a book, a blog, or a newsletter. Many people have a fear of “public writing” and Kelly reveals how to bust through that block. Writing really can be a joy, and can bring you what you want – clients, cash, or cases of your favorite gum. (Yes, it happened.)

A member of the Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor, Founder of the Happiness Club of Loves Park, Book Coach for the Larry Winget & Suzanne Evans high-level mentor program, Kelly delights in bringing her clients to deeper clarity and confidence.

Your Speeches:

  • Birth That Book: Publish & Profit Now
  • Joy of Writing
  • 10 Ways to Bust Stress in 2 Minutes or Less


  • That was an AMAZING presentation! You have inspired the whole room beyond words (and you are a word person!)and you make this so doable! Thank you! (NAWBO)
  • Kelly can lead a horse to water and make him drink. And he loves every minute of it! (DB)
  • Powerful. Absolutely powerful. I felt like you were connecting directly to me. Heartfelt gratitude for your presentation. (GV)
  • Your talk was so much fun and so full of inspiriting information! I took so many notes! I cannot wait to put into action! (DA)
  • Kelly is a charming, witty, and insightful presenter. She walks her talks – you are in conversation with her, not being talked at. She has an uncanny knack to connect with every person in the room. She makes you think, she makes you laugh, and she makes see yourself in a new light. So much confidence and clarity gained from one hour with her – wow! (MM)
  • The group has not stopped talking about Kelly’s program! Everyone raved and took away so many tips to implement immediately. We want her back right away! (SC)
  • I laughed. I cried. I loved every word. Kelly is my new guru. (ID)
  • Kelly is the Patch Adams of northern Illinois. (MB)
  • Kelly accomplishes a lot in one power-packed talk. She is fun, she is brilliant, she understands her audience, and she is outcomes-based. A complete sparkling package! (CW)
  • Great content, big heart, and a stand up comedian all in one. (RA)
  • Move over Oprah and Erma – we’ve got Kelly! (DR)


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