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Hugh Ballou, The Transformational Leadership Strategist

Hugh Ballou orchestrates success with Transformational Leaders around the world with his unique and effective leadership skills developed in over 40 years working as conductor of orchestras and choirs. He has 4 books in print and 15 online leadership programs and e-books for church, nonprofit, and business leaders.

The skill set of planning for success, constructing powerful goals, and delegating with authority are consistent themes where many leaders underperform.

Ballou’s unique ability to inspire and motivate even the most difficult of audiences has made him the expert in the field of Transformational Leadership. Transformational Leaders build strong leaders on teams that are motivated, focused and highly effective in setting and implementing powerful goals.

Your Speeches:

  • The Transformational Leadership Accelerator program is designed for the active and very busy leader who wants an accelerated learning system that can be downloaded, studied at their own pace, and saved for future reference. Transform yourself to transform your business.
  • Transforming Power is designed for the Pastor or Nonprofit Executive Director to work on parts of the program within the context of an already busy schedule. Organizational transformation begins with the transformation of the leader. The transformation begins now.
  • The Committee Chair is an 21-day leadership program designed for the busy and overloaded volunteer leader who wants to develop strategies and processes for transforming their committee, board, or another group of individuals into a high performance team!


  • Hugh Ballou, speaks at CEO SPACE in the presence of the leading trainers in the world, including Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, leading law firms, Chuck Vollmer Dr. David Gruder and 100 other Celebrity Trainers. When Hugh teaches all “these trainers” are in the room – because frankly Hugh is off the chart amazing in hard content.
    – Berny Dohrmann – Chairman, CEO Space International, Tampa, FL
  • “In a world of know-everything experts, it is beyond awesome to find someone that actually knows from which they speak …. the Orchestra Director blew me away and pulled me in with his captivating style, grace in words, and impactful strategies …. You need to experience the grace and power of Hugh Ballou at least once, and you will become a fan instantly!” – Dr. Jeffery Magee, Publisher, Performance Magazine – Tulsa, OK
  • “Hugh can help with the most critical conversations and organization must have, to bring forth the leadership there but many time unrecognized. With Hugh progress is inevitable and in a much shorter time.”
    – Garrett Gunderson, Best Selling Author, Killing Sacred Cows – Sandy, UT


Main Category: Coaching, Communication, Leadership, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Team Building

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