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Julie Ford is a certified life coach, author, speaker, and trainer and the owner of Julz of Life. With one-on-one and group coaching, she helps her clients to define what matters most in their lives, and to realize what is and isn’t working. Collaboratively, they move through a customized plan to find more joy and less chaos in the everyday.

Many of Julie’s speaking topics are based on her workbooks and courses. Creating Time and Energy is her most resent publication now available on Amazon.

Julie speaks to groups and leads live and virtual classes on numerous topics related to creating values-based habits, prioritization, and keeping joy and passion in one’s work, parenting, and life. She specializes in helping organizations support their high performing parents through transitions. By teaching working parents how to keep their chaos level under “code yellow,” organizations increase engagement, effectiveness and retention. Additionally, parents can do the important work of raising the next generation without blowing into a flaming “code red.”

Her live workshops have entertained and enlightened audiences large and small including the US Naval Reserves, American Business Women’s Association, Right Management, Rock Prairie Montessori School Board, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS), and Aurora University. Some of her topics include:
 Creating Time and Energy: Foundational Habits for a Scattered World
 Valuable Habits to Support Your Personal Chaos Tolerance
 Creating Great Habits and Making them Stick
 Momaste: A World with More Love Than Snark
 Creating Valuable Habits for Mom-trepreneurs
 Creating a Valuable Summer Schedule
 Get Out of Your Way!

Your Speeches:

  • Creating Time and Energy – Foundational Habits for a Scattered World
  • Are you constantly identifying yourself as “Crazy busy?!”
    Ground yourself in what you value most and the daunting “sea of choice” becomes easy to navigate. Instead of “crazy busy,” own a calendar filled with no regrets and use your energy on the most fulfilling aspects of your life. Time and energy have always been yours – let Julie help you find it in the mess of it all.

  • Harmony at Home = Outstanding in the Office
  • Harness the work life/home life bleed for your advantage! Find your family’s chaos tolerance (as well as your own!) Explore what matters most and what triggers the most unwanted chaos. Develop a plan for moving forward with habits and routines that work FOR your family, ensuring the participation of all family members.

  • Momaste
  • Parents are criticized from every direction, well-meaning or not. What if we became the support we sought, rather than being so free with criticism?
    See how we can highlight our own vulnerabilities with strength and courage and, in doing so, we assist and encourage others to be their very best in this tough career of raising the next generation.



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